Friday, February 22, 2013

Purchase Order Management

Purchase order management is often a challenge for businesses because as a process, it involves many people from across the business. From sales to fulfilment, from support to finance, a purchase order needs to be visible across the business.

Adding to this challenge is the fact that because nearly all businesses start small and grow organically (without external funding) their systems often lag behind - this is a matter of necessity as small businesses need to focus on sales, not process.

The result of this is not only inefficient processes, but often fragmented ones as well.

The most frequent example we come across is as follows:
  • a user creates a Purchase Order in Word on their own PC;
  • then the user updates a centralised Excel spread sheet which lists all PO's;
  • user sends PO to customer/supplier/client
The process is simple for the user however can lead to simple mistakes, loss of documents and most importantly, poor management & financial transparency.

OrdersInbox addresses all these problems by combining all these processes into one, easy to use system, with full tracking, workflow and audit capabilities, while still being simple to use.

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