Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Document management - not just for policies and procedures.

We've discovered that when people talk about the term 'Document Management', they're often referring to documents such as Policies & Procedures. This is natural, because a company's Polices and Procedures are arguably the most important documents a business has. From listing strategic objectives, outlining how to deal with internal HR issues and most importantly, how to apply for leave, a company's set of Policies & Procedures is the base from which everything happens on top of. So it makes sense that these documents are subjected to features such as version control, roll back, workflow, history and audit.

But document management should not be confined to policies and procedures. The ability to view who has read a document that relates to an order, or perhaps when a work order document was changed, can be an equally important to the business.

So try applying some basic document management processes to your order management process and you'll reap the rewards.

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