Friday, January 6, 2012

Emails with PDF attachements

One of the most common ways to send a vendor an order, is to email them a PDF which includes the details of the order.

For medium and larger companies, this PDF is often created by the customers finance/ERP package such as SAP, Oracle or Pronto Xi, while smaller companies get by using a Word or Excel document saved as a PDF.

The problem with this from the vendors side, is that once the email arrives, a user needs to physically open the email and the attachment, then forward on to the relevant person/area in the business. This is far from a full proof system.

So here at OrdersInbox, we are developing a new feature that automatically looks at the email and any PDF attachments, and based on the rules of the business, automatically assigns the email and corresponding orders to the right area/people in the business.

It's an exciting start to the year.

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